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Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Quality Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Sealed lead acidity batteries are the backup power source for fire alarms and burglar security systems. These self contained models are made to keep the system active in case of the mains energy being cut off for whatever reason. Lead Acid Battery Store are your local specialists when it comes to fire alarm equipment, add-ons and peripheral devices and we stock an array of sealed lead acidity batteries.

Lead Acidity batteries haven't altered much from the time of the 1880's but ongoing changes in materials and manufacturing techniques are assisting to bring enhancements in energy density, longevity and their reliability. All lead acidity batteries comprise flat lead plates submerged inside a solution of electrolyte. Regular upkeep of your sealed lead acidity batteries is suggested and manufacturer’s recommendations are often found online.

Should you ever suspect that the sealed lead acidity batteries have been bumped or dropped it is best to do something as a  caution and switch the battery with a new one, as internal unseen damage can stop your battery from working as it was intended also any damage will shorten its usage time. You'll need to be certain the sealed lead acidity batteries you use are performing the task intended whilst your home or office premises are not in use.

The sealed lead acidity battery in your fire security alarm is really as much part of your general fire safety equipment as getting fire extinguishers or call points. Should you not stick to the advice that's given, use the wrong type or size battery installed in your alarm system you may be putting yourself as well as others in danger. If you're unsure the right kind or size battery you'll need for the system, look at advice from the manufactures or maybe changing a current battery look into the particulars printed around the battery you remove.

Sealed Lead Acidity Batteries Additional Information

•           Store any spare batteries inside a well-ventilated area
•           Dispose of used batteries inside a proper manner
•           Never open an enclosed battery
•           Do not overcharge your batteries